Friday, February 26, 2010

I've tried to be strong , I know I cant :'( but I will :')

ths is the last picture tht she gave me. I know tht she's upset but all tht I want her to know that Imm doing ths for the sake for both of us. Its about feeling and it is very very cruel to break it off.

i do love you.
tkpernah terlintas dekat hati Alif untuk breakup hubungan kita.
tapi Alif terpaksa,
tiqaa, like I said , you cn find someone tht is even better thn me.
Alif betul2 nk dengar suara tiqaa sekarang ,
please pick up the phone babe.
Alif sedih tp tk regret sbb Alif tahu, one day tiqaa akan fhm kenapa Alif buat mcm ni.
Alif dh cukup kena sembur dgn abamin and kakak,
I need to share like we used to be.
I love to hear ur voice,dear.

please dont act like ths, Im not dumping you, Im letting you free .
iloveyou Atiqaa.
you used to be my adik kan?:)


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